I'm using python 3.6 as anaconda, and im trying to install python-twitter package, but there is no package compatible from conda manager. How can i download the package outside conda manager in order to use it later with jupyter notebook?


You can install pip in your conda env and then run pip install python-twitter.

It should work.

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Ubuntu:/$ which pip
Ubuntu:/$ /home/superadmin/anaconda2/bin/pip install apache-beam

It worked...

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If you prefer conda packages over pip where possible, check other channels first with:

conda install [--channel | -c] conda-forge

Search multiple channels:

conda search -c bioconda -c conda-forge

Add a channel to the default search (see docs for managing precedence order):

conda config --add channels conda-forge

Some of the popular channels are listed in Explanation of different conda channels

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