I've been building a Wodrdpress site lately. It's going to have free registration. I want it to have one and only certain feature for registered users. They should be able to create favorites lists. I mean is that they could favorite certain posts with something like a "like button" and view and edit all their favorites on a certain place like a listview. They shouldn't be able to comment, edit, upload or have any other interaction with the posts. I understand that this can by arranged by giving different permissions to the users. Although I have two questions. 1) Can you suggest some practices/plugins to feature a free registration for the users? 2) Can you suggest some practices/plugins so that registered users can create favorites lists as I explained above? In case you need further info feel free to ask. Thank you.


For point 2:

Check out this plugin:


Users are able to add posts and even pages to favorites list.

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