I need some formula or function for subtraction from another sheet using same id(barcode) when you click button save or submit then the data(Quantity) will change using marco

stockenter image description here

invoice ![enter image description here

i want to know how to subtract data from invoice to stock sheet

answer = invoice (Quantity) - stock (quantity) anyone help me

this my code...`Option Explicit

Sub inv()

Dim rng As Range Dim rng1 As Range Dim i As Long Dim A As Long Dim B As Range Dim rng_dest As Range Dim RANGE1 As Range Dim RANGE2 As Range

'for subtract quantity in invoice and stock
Dim num1 As Integer
Dim num2 As Integer
Dim ans As Integer
Dim Stock As Long
Dim invoice As Range
Dim stk As Range

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

num1 = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Invoice").Range("B8:B37").Value
num2 = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("STOCK").Range("B8:B").Value

 If num2 = num1 Then
  ans = num2 - num1

'Check if invoice # is found on sheet "Invoice data"

i = 1

Do Until Sheets("Invoice data").Range("A" & i).Value = ""

If Sheets("Invoice data").Range("A" & i).Value = Sheets("Invoice").Range("H3").Value Then

  'Ask overwrite invoice #?

  If MsgBox("Invoice Already Exist.. Do you want to Overwrite.?", vbYesNo) = vbNo Then

    Exit Sub


    Exit Do

  End If

End If

i = i + 1


i = 1

Set rng_dest = Sheets("Invoice data").Range("D:D") Set RANGE1 = Sheets("Invoice data").Range("G:G")

'Delete rows if invoice # is found

Do Until Sheets("Invoice data").Range("A" & i).Value = ""

If Sheets("Invoice data").Range("A" & i).Value = Sheets("Invoice").Range("H3").Value Then

  Sheets("Invoice data").Range("A" & i).EntireRow.Delete

  i = 1

End If

i = i + 1


' Find first empty row in columns D:G on sheet Invoice data

Do Until WorksheetFunction.CountA(rng_dest.Rows(i)) = 0

i = i + 1
 Do Until WorksheetFunction.CountA(RANGE1.Rows(i)) = 0

i = i + 1


  'Copy range B16:I38 on sheet Invoice

Set rng = Sheets("Invoice").Range("B8:B37") Set RANGE2 = Sheets("Invoice").Range("D8:D37")

' Copy rows containing values to sheet Invoice data

For A = 1 To rng.Rows.Count

If WorksheetFunction.CountA(rng.Rows(A)) <> 0 Then

  rng_dest.Rows(i).Value = rng.Rows(A).Value

   If WorksheetFunction.CountA(RANGE2.Rows(A)) <> 0 Then

  RANGE1.Rows(i).Value = RANGE2.Rows(A).Value

  Sheets("Invoice data").Range("A" & i).Value = Sheets("Invoice").Range("H3").Value

  'Copy Date

  Sheets("Invoice data").Range("B" & i).Value = Sheets("Invoice").Range("H2").Value

  'Copy Company name

  Sheets("Invoice data").Range("C" & i).Value = Sheets("Invoice").Range("B1").Value

  i = i + 1
End If
   End If

Next A

MsgBox ("Invoice saved!")

Application.ScreenUpdating = True
Sheets("Invoice").Range("H3").Value = _
Sheets("Invoice").Range("H3").Value + 1

End Sub

Sub Formc()


End Sub


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  • Google VLOOKUP, you don't need VBA for this. – vacip May 17 '17 at 8:08
  • hello sir how to make the deduction calculation from Quantity in Stock sheet after click a save button ? for your information the Quantity that I refer to is at Invoice sheet should linking to Stock Sheet . – Mohammad Shaffiq Rahim May 20 '17 at 8:24

This kind of scenario is not what Excel was built for. It can be done, but there are many dangers in getting things wrong because the dependencies are not understood.

First of all, the Quantity column should be relative to a starting stock count, so you can use the starting count as the base level and then subtract any numbers of stock referenced in invoices.

I'd add a new column "Starting Stock Balance" with the initial stock count for each item.

Then you can create a column with current stock that takes into account the starting balance and subtracts the sum of all items with the same code from the invoice sheet. If starting stock balance is in column D and current stock should be calculated in column E, use a formula along the lines of this:


In words: take the value in D2 and subtract the sum of all items you can find in Invoice column D where Invoice column C is the same description as stock sheet column B in the current row.

Adjust cell ranges and sheet names to your situation.

Despite claims from @vacip that this can be done with Vlookup, it can't.

Edit: Or if you want to base the formula on the bar code instead of the description, use

  • Well, based on the example from OP, the barcode is unique, yet you assume they are not unique. This decides if you can use VLOOKUP or not - why not ask OP rather than arguing? – vacip May 17 '17 at 8:20
  • The bar code is unique in the stock sheet, because each stock item exists only one in that table. As for the Invoice sheet: an item can be ordered many times by different people, so the bar code will not be unique in the Invoice sheet. – teylyn May 17 '17 at 8:56
  • in invoice table there are 1 button to save the data in invoice then i need to know how and what code to use...to subtract quantity in table stock.. tq =) – Mohammad Shaffiq Rahim May 18 '17 at 4:58
  • And which part of the code are you having problems with? You did not post any code or mention any button before. – teylyn May 18 '17 at 6:13
  • sorry,I already post there...can you help me?? i want to put in there, when you click button save then the data will save in invoice data (another sheet) then will subtract quantity in stock Sheet.. – Mohammad Shaffiq Rahim May 18 '17 at 6:30

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