I have a REST api running in my yii2 app. I extend my api model from my AR model and use the fields() function to define the api response fields.

 * @SWG\Definition(
 *   type="object"
 * )
class Person extends \common\models\Person implements Linkable {

    public function fields() {
        return ['id',
                'first-name' => 'first_name'

    public function getLinks() {
        return [
                Link::REL_SELF  => Url::to(['person/view', 'id' => $this->id], true),

My activecontroller is the easiest implementation

use yii\rest\ActiveController;

 * @SWG\Info(title="My First API", version="0.1")
class PersonController extends ActiveController {

    public $modelClass = 'api\modules\v1\models\Person';


So far, everything works. Then I wanted to add Swagger-php to document my API: I use https://packagist.org/packages/light/yii2-swagger. The configuration works and I have my swagger-ui page/json.

The next step is to start adding documentation... But in all the Swagger-php examples or on https://github.com/lichunqiang/yii2-swagger-demo, the annotations are on the modelfields and the controller methods. The problem is that those are not explicitly in the code because of ActiveRecord and the fields() function.

Is there are way to combine swagger-php and ActiveController?

  • There is no way to extract informations from your controller to be understood by swagger-php right now. But you can be the 1st one to make it possible. github.com/nelmio/NelmioApiDocBundle is a project that is able to read annotations from both nelmio (@ApiDoc), swagger-php (@SWG) and JMS (@JMSSerializer) projects to extract an API definition and build a documentation about it.
    – matks
    Dec 9, 2017 at 19:28


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