I have below script for checking if an application with name "security" in it is installed or not in remote servers. For example i am searching for two servers. I want to sort the output based on server name.

PS C:\Users\TEMP.DEBPO\Desktop> Get-WmiObject -computerName USWTODWV01,USWPISMWV01 -Class Win32_Product | sort-object co
mputerName,Name | select SystemName,Name | where { $_.Name -match "security"}

SystemName                                                  Name
----------                                                  ----
                                                            Trend Micro Deep Security Agent
                                                            Trend Micro Deep Security Agent

Under system name i want to see computer name. Help is very much appreciated.

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Use a calculated property as an argument to select:

... | Select @{Name='SystemName';Expression={$_.ComputerName}},Name | ...

But you're probably looking for the __SERVER property of the WMI instance, rather than ComputerName:

Get-WmiObject -ComputerName USWTODWV01,USWPISMWV01 -Class Win32_Product | Sort-Object __SERVER,Name | select @{Name='SystemName';Expr={$_.__SERVER}},Name | where { $_.Name -match "security"}

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