I have string json as


I want parse to object

class abc{
public string a{get; set;}
public string b{get; set;}

Please, help me

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    do you get some error, or something? I hope you tried to find solution by yourself, right :) stackoverflow.com/questions/4611031/… – Arkadiusz Raszeja May 18 '17 at 8:17
  • Why are 2K+ rep users answering this obvious duplicate? Read How to Answer. – CodeCaster May 18 '17 at 8:19
  • No, json string as key-value pair. I want convert key-value pair to object class – Thoại Nguyễn May 18 '17 at 8:20
  • @CodeCaster: That isn't quite an exact dupe - there may be one out there that is but in this case the complexity is that rather than having json like {Propety: Value} it is {Key: "propertyname", Value: "Value"} which is a harder question. – Chris May 18 '17 at 8:22

Json.NET is a Popular high-performance JSON framework for .NET

Install this nuget package then it's as simple as:

var json = "[{\"Key\":\"a\",\"Value\":\"1\"},{\"Key\":\"b\",\"Value\":\"2\"}}]";

var items = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<List<abc>>(json);
  • Will that actually cope with the format being Key/value attributes rather than the more usual {a: Value} type syntax? If I run the code I get null for a and b... – Chris May 18 '17 at 8:21
  • Yes. This' s format key/value – Thoại Nguyễn May 18 '17 at 8:31

I don't know about parsing to a defined object. However you can use A .Net library called Newtonsoft JObject o = JObject.Parse(x.ToString());

With JObject being an instance of Newtonsoft.JSON.Linq.JObject


you have to Newtonsoft Library and use

var dict=  JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<Dictionary<string,int>>("[{\"Key\":\"a\",\"Value\":\"1\"},{\"Key\":\"b\",\"Value\":\"2\"}}]"); 
  • Additional information: Cannot deserialize the current JSON array (e.g. [1,2,3]) into type 'System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[System.String,System.Int32]' because the type requires a JSON object (e.g. {"name":"value"}) to deserialize correctly. – Thoại Nguyễn May 18 '17 at 8:33

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