In my first launching activity there is lines of code that checks if user is logged in by Firebase:

    if (mAuth.getCurrentUser() != null) {
                startActivity(new Intent(SplashActivity.this, MenuActivity.class));

                startActivity(new Intent(SplashActivity.this, LoginActivity.class));

If user is logged in I open MenuActivity if not then LoginActivity

In my LoginActivity I authorize with signInWithCredential.

I have found one interesting problem.

When user deletes application then reinstalls it from Google Play and launches it user is still logged in and opens MenuActivity

I have found similar question but with iOS version.

Is it feature of Firebase? How it is possible to invalidate user session when user deletes application?

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Firebase support answered me and yes Firebase tries to keep some data even if appliaction is deleted.

In order to clear data when deleteing, I needed to disable backuping in my applications manifest in application:


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