I am working on integrating Polly into the LLVM build in TensorFlow. The bazel build in TensorFlow uses CMake to generate some of the header files. Reference - LLVM Build file

However, I want to hand roll the bazel build files for Polly without using CMake. Opt and Polly need to be added to the build dependencies. I have added a dummy rule to this file:

    name = "opt",
    srcs = glob([
    hdrs = glob([
    copts = ["-Iexternal/llvm/tools/opt","-Iexternal/llvm/include"],
    deps = [

But this does not seem to work. I don't understand where I need to add the dependence to this rule, so it will be included in the build toolchain.


Nit: You can remove *.h from srcs. That will not help your issue though. What's the error message? What did you want to achieve with copts attribute? includes is maybe helpful here, and I would also add a dependency (deps attribtue) to llvm target (the one that provides llvm/include/*.h). If llvm is a external repository, use @llvm_repo//llvm_package:llvm_target syntax.

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  • Hi, I solved the error by defining a dependency in @tensorflow/compiler/xla/service/BUILD for @llvm:opt. It worked after that. – annanay25 May 24 '17 at 11:41

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