Yahoo finance recently discontinued their API. I have been looking for alternatives. The ones I've found so far are Google Finance and Quandl.

Google Finance was deprecated in 2011 but still appears to work somewhat. However, there is little to no documentation, and I need to pull dividend data which I was unable to find.

Quandl appears to work well but the data is spread across multiple databases which makes getting appropriate access timely and costly.

Does anyone know of any other viable alternatives?


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Alpha Vantage have real-time intraday as well as historical daily time series in JSON format. Accessing the data requires an API key but it is free.

Caveat: I have not yet used Alpha Vantage myself. The focus of my work requires long daily data series and for that Quandl (or, while it lasted, Yahoo) is better because (unlike Alpha Vantage) it provides both split-adjusted and un-adjusted data, which is helpful for tracking corporate actions etc.

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    Yeah I've added the API, I was using the historical data from Yahoo so just looking for alternatives! I may drop their support an email. May 24, 2017 at 7:11
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    Alpha Vantage now supports split-adjusted price as well - e.g., [link] (alphavantage.co/…) May 26, 2017 at 7:30
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    I was able to change my python code from using the unreliable Yahoo Finance API to using the Alpha Vantage API in about a day. I generated an API key and was ready to go. So far so good, and the data returned matches the data sets I compared it with from previous Yahoo calls.
    – Derk
    May 27, 2017 at 21:10
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    Does anyone know their business model? Plus, I haven't been able to find any contact info, business address, or information about anyone who works there on their website. I'd love to use their API, but I can't find anything that suggests I can trust them.
    – jennEDVT
    Jul 3, 2017 at 16:03
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    I've written a blog post on using Alpha Vantage to acquire stock data: the-data-wrangler.com/… Nov 2, 2017 at 22:34

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