I am trying to write a ammonite script which triggers an SBT task.

So far this is what I have written.


#!/usr/bin/env amm
import sys.process._
import java.io.File
import ammonite.ops._, ImplicitWd._

def ini(args: String*) = {
    val server = args.headOption.getOrElse("devserver")
    val path = /'Users/'Foo/'IdeaProjects/'my-project
    val process = Process(Seq("sbt", "clean"), path)

I am having multiple problems here

  1. instead of using the Process object I want to use the ammnoite % to launch the process. But then how do I set the working directory for the process being launched?

  2. From the command line I run my code like sbt "runmain com.test.Foo 1 2 3". When calling the process from % how can I correctly call runMain with all the parameters?

Do this:


Where path is the directory you want it performed in & the args are explicitly named, not arg*. It's Scala so you can preset values for arts & you can used named arguments by prefixing the name w/--'

Another alternative is to write a shell script to first cd to the directory & then run the ammonite script with parameters.

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