Note: This is for MySQL 5.7.

When I attempt to use JSON_SEARCH to find the path to a number value within a JSON array, I get NULL. But when I use JSON_SEARCH to look for a string, I actually get the path.

# String Search Example

SET @json = '[1, 2, 3, "abc"]';
SELECT JSON_SEARCH(@json, 'one', 'abc');

| "$[3]" |

...but when I explicitly search for a number value, I get NULL?

# Number Search Example

SET @json = '[1, 2, 3, "abc"]';
SELECT JSON_SEARCH(@json, 'one', 1);

| NULL   |

What's strange is that JSON_CONTAINS still works as intended with numbers or strings.

This may be similar to this question -> MYSQL Triggers: JSON_SEARCH an integer value in a json array of integers


JSON_SEARCH function works with only string scalars as mentioned in the documentation : Functions That Search JSON Values

Here you can see:

Reported bug - JSON_SEARCH does not search for non-string values

Reported feature - Make JSON_SEARCH work for non-strings

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