How do I use results proven in a given library? For example, I want to use Lemma peano_ind from the library BinInt. I write this in CoqIDE:

Require Import BinInt.
Check peano_ind.

and get a "The reference peano_ind was not found in the current environment." error. I am also not able to use it with apply during a proof.

However, it should be there, because with a Locate Library BinInt. I see that Coq can find the file BinInt.vo, and when I open the file BinInt.v I can see Lemma peano_ind.

I have this exact problem both on a Debian 9.0 + CoqIDE 8.5pl2 and on a Windows 10 + CoqIDE 8.6.

All of this because I wanted to do induction over the integers. A different solution for that would also be nice, but I'm still frustrated by my lack of ability to use some previously proven results.


The BinInt library has one of several peano_ind definitions in different submodules for different types. You can find these using Locate peano_ind:

Constant Coq.NArith.BinNat.N.peano_ind
  (shorter name to refer to it in current context is BinNat.N.peano_ind)
Constant Coq.PArith.BinPos.Pos.peano_ind
  (shorter name to refer to it in current context is Pos.peano_ind)
Constant Coq.ZArith.BinInt.Z.peano_ind
  (shorter name to refer to it in current context is Z.peano_ind)

Then you can use these qualified names, for example:

Check Z.peano_ind.
     : forall P : Z -> Prop,
       P 0%Z ->
       (forall x : Z, P x -> P (Z.succ x)) ->
       (forall x : Z, P x -> P (Z.pred x)) -> forall z : Z, P z

You can also Import Z to allow to use the unqualified name peano_ind.

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