I had a problem with a corrupt repository today.

svn log gave me "Malformed file" errors even though svnadmin verify said everything was OK.

It's always bad when your source history is gone so I'll also post an answer in case it helps someone.

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Backup your repository!

  • run "svnadmin dump REPOSPATH > nul"

Note the last revision it was able to dump (eg. 99), the next one has the error (e.g. 100).

  • Open the bad revision props from REPOSPATH\db\revprops.

If it contains garbage or NULs you can fix it:

  • copy the previous props (99) over the bad one (100)
  • open the corrected props, set the date to a resonable value (don't edit anything else unless you know the file format)

run "svnadmin dump REPOSPATH > nul" again - it should finish without errors

  • This not always the case. There are times the corruption is not with the revprops, but the actual rev file. Copying the previous rev over the corrupt rev doesn't solve this problem. As you pointed out, a good back up solves this issue. I've also had my bacon saved because every commit has an incremental dump created. – jgifford25 Dec 10 '10 at 14:31
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    @jgifford25 Of course this may not help everyone but I posted it because it was an easy fix that wasn't mentioned anywhere else on the web. – laktak Dec 14 '10 at 15:23

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