I’ve been playing around with local notifications. I’m trying to pass data to the BroadcastReceiver; I’ve noticed that the below code works with lollipop however on my Nexus 6P with 7.1 doesn’t.

This is how i setup the intents and add the 'extra' data:

val am = context.getSystemService(Context.ALARM_SERVICE) as AlarmManager
val alarmIntent = Intent(context, AlarmReceiver::class.java)
alarmIntent.putExtra("data", data)
val pendingIntent = PendingIntent.getBroadcast(context, 0, alarmIntent, PendingIntent.FLAG_UPDATE_CURRENT)
am.setRepeating(AlarmManager.RTC_WAKEUP, System.currentTimeMillis(), (1000 * 60).toLong(), pendingIntent) // Millisec * Second * Minute

In the BroadcastReceiver:

val pm = context.getSystemService(Context.POWER_SERVICE) as PowerManager
    val wl = pm.newWakeLock(PowerManager.PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK, "")
    val data = intent.getParcelableExtra<MyData>("data")

Googling the issue doesn’t bring up much, what it does bring up is a SO post, and a comment mentioning this exact problem. However i’ve not seen any solution and what i’ve tried isn’t working, so i was wondering if anyone has figured a way that it will work on 7.1?


This is the data object:

data class MyData(val accountNumber: String, val date: Date, val key: Int) : Parcelable {
companion object {
    @JvmField val CREATOR: Parcelable.Creator< MyData > = object : Parcelable.Creator< MyData > {
        override fun createFromParcel(source: Parcel): MyData = MyData(source)
        override fun newArray(size: Int): Array< MyData?> = arrayOfNulls(size)

constructor(source: Parcel) : this(
        source.readSerializable() as Date,

override fun describeContents() = 0

override fun writeToParcel(dest: Parcel, flags: Int) {


Excerpt of the log when calling val data = intent.getParcelableExtra<MyData>("data")

05-19 21:06:37.076 8150-8220/com.wolfbane.example V/FA: Activity resumed, time: 864865 05-19 21:06:37.098 8150-8154/com.wolfbane.example I/art: Do partial code cache collection, code=47KB, data=47KB 05-19 21:06:37.098 8150-8154/com.wolfbane.example I/art: After code cache collection, code=45KB, data=46KB 05-19 21:06:37.098 8150-8154/com.wolfbane.example I/art: Increasing code cache capacity to 256KB 05-19 21:06:37.102 8150-8154/com.wolfbane.example I/art: JIT allocated 61KB for compiled code of void android.widget.TextView.(android.content.Context, android.util.AttributeSet, int, int) 05-19 21:06:37.102 8150-8154/com.wolfbane.example I/art: Compiler allocated 4MB to compile void android.widget.TextView.(android.content.Context, android.util.AttributeSet, int, int) 05-19 21:06:37.151 8150-8154/com.wolfbane.example I/art: Do full code cache collection, code=111KB, data=79KB 05-19 21:06:37.151 8150-8154/com.wolfbane.example I/art: Starting a blocking GC JitCodeCache 05-19 21:06:37.151 8150-8154/com.wolfbane.example I/art: After code cache collection, code=71KB, data=40KB 05-19 21:06:42.079 8150-8220/com.wolfbane.example V/FA: Inactivity, disconnecting from the service 05-19 21:06:42.829 8150-8157/com.wolfbane.example I/art: Starting a blocking GC Instrumentation 05-19 21:07:04.396 8150-8157/com.wolfbane.example W/art: Suspending all threads took: 10.531ms

  • Are you just receiving null back from the intent? Also, are you sure the data you passing is Parcelable? – Pablo Baxter May 19 '17 at 19:15
  • Yes that's correct, it's always null. Yes it's Parcelable. Note that it works on Lollipop with no issues. – WolfBane May 19 '17 at 19:30
  • Is the data object Parcelable? – Pablo Baxter May 19 '17 at 19:31
  • Ive updated the question with the Data class. – WolfBane May 19 '17 at 19:33
  • Either you have no extras in your intent (intent.getExtras() is null), or there is some sort of error being thrown with unparcelling your MyData object. Can show a LogCat when your app calls val data = intent.getParcelableExtra<MyData>("data")? There may be a warning from the OS. – Pablo Baxter May 19 '17 at 19:42

I've found a solution to this by Isaac Jordan

The gist of it is to pass an array of bytes as the 'extra', rather than your Parcelable class i.e.

When adding your data to the intent:

val bytes = ParcelableUtil.marshall(data)
alarmIntent.putExtra("data", bytes)

Then on the receiving side you would read the data as follows:

val bytes = intent.getByteArrayExtra("data")
val data = MyData(ParcelableUtil.unmarshal(bytes))

ParcelableUtil in Kotlin

class ParcelableUtil {
companion object {
    fun marshall(parcelable: Parcelable): ByteArray {
        val parcel = Parcel.obtain()
        parcelable.writeToParcel(parcel, 0)
        val bytes = parcel.marshall()
        return bytes

    fun unmarshal(bytes: ByteArray): Parcel {
        val parcel = Parcel.obtain()
        parcel.unmarshall(bytes, 0, bytes.size)
        return parcel

    fun <T> unmarshal(bytes: ByteArray, creator: Parcelable.Creator<T>): T {
        val parcel = unmarshal(bytes)
        val result = creator.createFromParcel(parcel)
        return result

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