I am new to ansible and currently working on a play which will see if disk space of remote machines has reached 70% threshold. If they have reached it should throw error.

i found a good example at : Using ansible to manage disk space

but at this example the mount names are hard coded. And my requirement is to pass them dynamically. So i wrote below code which seems to not work:

    name: test for available disk space
    - not {{ item.mount == '{{mountname}}' and ( item.size_available < 
    item.size_total - ( item.size_total|float * 0.7 ) ) }}
    with_items: '{{ansible_mounts}}'
    ignore_errors: yes
    register: disk_free

    name: Fail the play
    fail: msg="disk space has reached 70% threshold"
    when: disk_free|failed

This play works when i use:

item.mount == '/var/app'

Is there any way to enter mountname dynamically ? and can i enter multiple mount names ??

I am using ansible 2.3 on rhel

Thanks in advance :)


Try this:

name: Ensure that free space on {{ mountname }} is grater than 30%
  that: mount.size_available > mount.size_total|float * 0.3
  msg: disk space has reached 70% threshold
  mount: "{{ ansible_mounts | selectattr('mount','equalto',mountname) | list | first }}"
  1. that is a raw Jinja2 expression, don't use curly brackets in it.

  2. why do you use separate fail task, if assert can fail with a message?

  • Hi, thanks for your help but it failed with below error: File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/jinja2/environment.py", line 438, in call_test raise TemplateRuntimeError('no test named %r' % name) TemplateRuntimeError: no test named 'equalto' _ fatal: []: FAILED! => { "failed": true, "msg": "Unexpected failure during module execution.", "stdout": "" }_ – Krishna Sharma May 20 '17 at 17:21
  • the default python in my system is 2.7. I did some checks seems it is a issue with jinja not from ansible as per this link – Krishna Sharma May 20 '17 at 17:36
  • 1
    fixed the jina2 & it is working fine. Thanks a lot for your help :) for other folks in community i fixed the jinja 2 version using sudo pip install Jinja2==2.8 – Krishna Sharma May 20 '17 at 17:49

For those who cannot use selectattr (like me), here is a variant of the first answer using when and with_items to select the mount point to check.

name: 'Ensure that free space on {{ mountname }} is grater than 30%'
  that: item.size_available > item.size_total|float * 0.3
  msg: 'disk space has reached 70% threshold'
when: item.mount == mountname
with_items: '{{ ansible_mounts }}'

Note: To be able to use the variable {{ ansible_mounts }} you need to turn gather_facts to yes that can be limited to gather_subset=!all,hardware.


I'm running Ansible 2.5 and was able to get Konstantin Suvorov's solution to work with a slight mod by adding with_items. Sample code below:

- name: Ensure that free space on the tested volume is greater than 15%
      - mount.size_available > mount.size_total|float * 0.15
    msg: Disk space has reached 85% threshold
    mount: "{{ ansible_mounts | selectattr('mount','equalto',item.mount) | list | first }}"
    - "{{ ansible_mounts }}"

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