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I have been trying to implement a function that returns an int from 0 to range. I have implemented the code to get an integer in the first place put don't know how to loop this in with the range part.

    public int get_input_int(int range){
    Scanner int_reader = new Scanner(System.in);
    String current_input = int_reader.next();
        current_input = int_reader.next();
    if(Integer.valueOf(current_integer) > 0 && Integer.valueOf(current_integer) < range){
        return current_input
    return current_input;

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Please follow Java naming conventions (camel case, not _). I would prefer to pass the Scanner into the method. Also, you might as well consume an int (after checking for one). Something like,

public int getInputInt(Scanner in, int range) {
    while (in.hasNext()) {
        if (in.hasNextInt()) {
            int val = in.nextInt();
            if (val >= 0 && val < range) { // <-- from "0" to "range".
                return val;
        } else {
    return -1;

You have to use nextInt() rather than next(). next() is use for Strings, whereas nextInt() is for numbers. Also, declare current_input as an int rather than a String. Your program is way over-complicated also. Your program can simply look like this:

public int getIntInput(int range) {
    Scanner intReader = new Scanner(System.in);
    int currentInput = intReader.nextInt();
    if(currentInput > 0 && currentInput < range){
        return currentInput;

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