I am learning about ELF. The file class can be one of ELFCLASS32, ELFCLASS64 or ELFCLASSNONE.

However, I cannot find any example usage of ELFCLASSNONE.

What is it used for ? And when ? Is it actually used anywhere ?


Is it actually used anywhere ?


(It's only used to detect invalid ELF files.)

Used where?

Anywhere validity of the ELF file is verified. Here is an example from the Linux kernel tools.

even there, ELFCLASSNONE is not used.

You don't know what parts of the ELF header readelf examined before it concluded that .bashrc is not an ELF file. It may have looked at ei_ident[EI_CLASS] and compared the value with ELFCLASSNONE (though likely it didn't).

If you make a copy of e.g. /bin/date, and write a 0 byte into 5th byte of the copy (EI_IDENT == 4) to corrupt it, then run readelf -h on that copy, you'll probably get an "invalid ELF class" or similar message.

  • Thanks for your help. Used where ? If I try using it on an invalid ELF file, like readelf -h .bashrc, I get readelf: Error: Not an ELF file, seems like even there, ELFCLASSNONE is not used. – conradkleinespel May 23 '17 at 13:38

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