Using Java and java.net.URI, I want to match only the domain part of a URL and disregard any subdomains.

    URI uri = new URI(url);
    String domain = uri.getHost();

The value of domain is then used to match against the following regex:


change.com --> this matches correctly

subdomain1.change.com --> incorrect because "subdomain1.ch" is what matches first

I have been unsuccessful in correctly writing a regex that can correctly parse a URL and only obtain what I need for the TLDs stated above (co.uk,com.au,com,net,and ch). Even if need to add in additional TLDs the regex should match it.

Further I would like the regex to match against a URL even if multiple subdomains are present.


I would like the regex to only match change.com

How can I disregard all period "." chars in the URL string after I've matched any of the TLDs listed above? Thanks for the help in advance!


Formula for your use-cases:



Or if you want your pattern - simply append $ to the end of your regex expression

  • Your regex ignores the fact that the domain can include a - char. Hence it returns only the part of the domain, after the last -. But the idea to add just a $ is fine. – Valdi_Bo May 22 '17 at 6:33
  • As you noticed I've put comment for your use-cases - if you need better match - give more use-cases / examples. – Agnius Vasiliauskas May 22 '17 at 6:41

Supplement your regex with the following negative lookahead group: (?!\w).

Thus the main regex will not match if the next character is a word char.

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