Our haproxy loadbalancer opens thousands of connections to its backends even though its settings say to open no more than 10 connections per server instance (see below). When I uncomment "option http-server-close" the number of backend connection drops however I would like to have keep-alive backend connections.

Why maxconn is not respected with http-keep-alive? I verified with ss that the opened backend connections are in ESTABLISHED state.

     log global
     mode    http
     option http-keep-alive
     timeout http-keep-alive 60000
     timeout connect 6000
     timeout client  60000
     timeout server  20000

 frontend http_proxy
     bind    *:80
     default_backend backends

 backend backends
     option prefer-last-server

     # option http-server-close
     timeout http-keep-alive 1000
     server s1 maxconn 10
     server s2  maxconn 10
     server s3 maxconn 10
     server s4 maxconn 10
  • please can you pastebin the output of haproxy -vv thanks. Maybe you have hit a know bug haproxy.org/bugs
    – Aleksandar
    Jun 9 '17 at 23:40

In keep-alive mode idle connections are not accounted. As explained in this HAProxy mailthread

The thing is, you don't want to leave requests waiting in a server's queue while the server has a ton of idle connections.

This even makes more sense, knowing that browsers initiate preconnect to improve page performance. So in keep-alive mode only outstanding/active connections are taken into account.

You can still enforce maxconn limits regardless of the connection state using tcp mode, especially that I don't see a particular reason to using mode http in your current configuration (apart from having reacher logs).
Or you can use http-reuse with http mode to achieve a lowest number of concurrent connections.

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