I have a read-only text input (3) as shown below.

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wokeUpTime: number = 0;

constructor(public formBuilder: FormBuilder, ) {
    this.sleepingDetailsForm = formBuilder.group({
      wokeUpTime: [0],

save(data): void {
  if (this.sleepingDetailsForm.valid) {


<form [formGroup]="sleepingDetailsForm" (submit)="save(sleepingDetailsForm)" novalidate>
     <h3 color="primary">Woke up time?</h3>
     <div class="wokeuptime">
       <button type="button" (click)="decreaseWokeupTime()">-</button>
        <input type="text" [readonly]="true" value={{wokeUpTime}} formControlName="wokeUpTime">
       <button type="button" (click)="increaseWokeupTime()">+</button>
 <button ion-button block type="submit" [disabled]="!sleepingDetailsForm.valid">Save</button>

The question here is, I cannot get the value of read-only text input through wokeUpTime.Here I'm using reactive form approach.I know this is happening due to I'm not typing anything in the text box.But what is the workaround for this? I need to get the values through form variable this.sleepingDetailsForm.How can I do that? I know I can get the value directly from the this.wokeUpTime inside the save() method since it is a global variable. But how can I get it from the form itself?

  • Please create a live example on: www.plnkr.co
    – Marian07
    May 22, 2017 at 10:57
  • 1
    I edited my post in case you missed it... use one-way-binding if you are increasing and decreasing wokeUpTime :)
    – AVJT82
    May 22, 2017 at 11:23

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EDIT: Or even better, if you are working with wokeUpTime, you can use one-way-binding, and the form control will get the value set:

<input type="text" [ngModel]="wokeUpTime" [readonly]="true" 


However you increase or decrease, you need to set the value to the form control when you do that.

so it should be:

this.sleepingDetailsForm.get('wokeUpTime').patchValue(...the new value here...)

then your value will be part of the form values.

  • Excellent.Thank you very much, friend :)
    – Sampath
    May 22, 2017 at 11:24
  • 1
    No problem, glad I could help! Have a nice day and haaaaappy coding! :)
    – AVJT82
    May 22, 2017 at 11:25

You shouldn't be trying to bind value if you're using reactive forms. You can get the current state of your form group from your code using this.sleepingDetailsForm.value - therefore, getting the value of your field is as simple as this.sleepingDetailsForm.value.wokeUpTime.

  • No.I have removed value and tried that.Same behavior.That is due to I'm not typing anything on the text box.If I type something on it, then it works nicely. What is the workaround for this? I need to show the value dynamically when user inc/dec value.
    – Sampath
    May 22, 2017 at 11:06
  • @Sampath, why don't you use <input type="number" min="1" max="5" onchange="alert('value changed')" name="quantity" > ?
    – Marian07
    May 22, 2017 at 11:18

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