Since the upgrade to rails 3, I face a new problem with displaying html from an array with different html tags.

so far I could just write the method_name witch returns a array of different html tags. (even if they were done by strings...)

Now the array gets displayed as a array:

["<br/></br/>", "<b><a href=\"/...">...</a></b>,"<br/></br/>"]

How is it possible to output this as html tags? I tried to run to_html at the end of every array entry, but this gave mi the error:

undefined method `to_html' for "<br/></br/>":ActiveSupport::SafeBuffer

Any ideas how to fix this?

Thanks Markus

Update: Thanks to the answer of nimblegorilla the output looks now like:

", "...","

This is something better, because the html is removed, but the elements get still displayed as an array...

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I think you are looking for the 'raw' method:

<% array = ["<br/>Hello World</br/>", "<b><a href=\"/...\">...</a></b>" , "<br/><b>Yo</b></br/>"] %>

<%= raw array %>

This makes sure that you intended to display the html as actual html as opposed to untrusted input from a user that might be a possible XSS attempt.

This railscast talks about it a little more:

  • Thanks a lot it helped me to make html get displayed as html, but I still have the problem that everything gets printed in the shape of a array! – Markus Dec 10 '10 at 18:17

To answer your later question: because you are indeed outputting an array...

<% array = ["<br/>Hello World</br/>", "<b><a href=\"/...\">...</a></b>" , "<br/><b>Yo</b></br/>"] %>

you could do:

<%= raw(array.join) %>


<%= array.join.html_safe %>

Calling .html_safe on any string will convert it ti SafeBuffer, which Rails doesn't escape. So it's the same as calling "raw" method... but I personally like .html_safe more, especially in my helpers...

You can for example:

module ApplicationHelper
  # links will be converted to array, if multiple items are passed
  def ext_links(*links) { |l|
      link_to("external link: <span>#{l}</span>".html_safe, l)

And then use this in your view, without need of calling it through "raw":

<%= ext_links("", "") %>


<%= ext_links(["", ""]) %>

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