I get this error when I try installing the tools

Error: Formulae found in multiple taps:
* microsoft/mssql-preview/mssql-tools
* microsoft/mssql-release/mssql-tools

This error is triggered if you previously tapped the preview repo. You can resolve this by the following commands

brew untap microsoft mssql-preview
brew tap microsoft/mssql-release https://github.com/Microsoft/homebrew-mssql-release
brew update
brew install mssql-tools
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    I had a similar issue that this pattern helped fix. My error was with multiple taps for microsoft/msodbcsql/msodbcsql and microsoft/mssql-reelase/msodbcsql. I used this answer and ran untap for both, then tap/update/install as you have it listed. Thanks for the direction! – ctc Mar 26 '18 at 17:38

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