I was running Django 1.11 with Python 3.5 and I decided to upgrade to Python 3.6.

Most things worked well, but I am having issues connection to AWS S3. I know that they have a new boto version boto3 and that django-storages is a little outdated, so now there is django-storages-redux.

I've been trying multiple combinations of boto/boto3 and django-storages-redux/django-storages to see if it works. But I'm getting a lot of erros, from SSL connection failing to the whole website being offline due to server errors. The newest is my website throwing a 400 Bad Request to all urls.

My app does run on Python 3.5, so I'm confident that the issue is around collectstatic and S3.

Is there anybody here who made a similar update work and tell me what configuration was used?

Thanks a lot!


Found the issue.

Django-storages-redux was temporarily replacing django-storages since it's development had been interrupted.

Now the django-storages team restarted to support it.

That means that the correct configuration to use is: django-storages + boto3

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