I have failed to create an Ionic project using the Ionic CLI. Each time I type
Ionic start project-name gives me this error :

Fetching app base (https://github.com/driftyco/ionic2-app-base/archive/master.tar.gz)
✖ Downloading - failed!
Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND github.com github.com:443

Note that, I am working behind a proxy. npm, git proxies are properly set (atleast I think so) and I can create angular-cli projects without any problem.

Please help me configure proxies properly for Ionic setup. I'm on Windows 7 x64.

enter image description here

  • internet connection is must for creating application in ionic. – varun aaruru May 23 '17 at 12:02
  • @varunaaruru Ofcourse I have internet connection – Tahniat Ashraf May 23 '17 at 12:03
  • can you try clearing the npm cache and try ionic start again – varun aaruru May 23 '17 at 12:06
  • hi. could you find any solution? – Enrique May 24 '17 at 16:26
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the same issue have been raised in github . You can confirm the issue there Ionic 3 CLI unable to start project behind proxy

  • Done. i hope they will look into it. – Tahniat Ashraf May 24 '17 at 10:20

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