I'm a beginner in django-oscar and I try to manage a new view on the page.

I've already created two pages with django-oscar dashboard,


and made new buttons in the templates:



I have no idea how to make a good a href="???" to new pages in buttons ... can someone help? Maybe there is better way to do it, can you explain it to me?


Oscar uses Django's flatpages app, so you can use their template tags to dynamically add in navigation links to the pages you create.

{% load flatpages %}
{% get_flatpages as flatpages %}

{% for page in flatpages %}
<li class="dropdown active">
    <a href="{{ page.url }}" class="dropdown-toggle" {% if not expand_dropdown %} data-toggle="dropdown"{% endif %}>
        {% trans page.title %}
{% endfor %}

You can find more information on the flatpages app in the Django flatpage documentation.

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You already know the title and of course the id of the page, and each page is an instance of the model PagePromotion, just query the model for such name/id and use the attribute page_url of the returned instance to send it within a variable in the context of the view that renders the menu.

Then in the template:

href="{{ variable_containing_url }}"
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