I am trying to create a site where I can ask questions and answer them. In order to do this, I have two files, one that sends the question to the database, and the other that outputs the attachment of each docs in which the question is.

Post.js :

    title: 'question'
}).then(function (response) {
    q = response
}).catch(function (err) {

await sleep(100)

var attachment = new Blob([{
    "title" : title,
    "content" : content,
    "option" : option,
    "spec" : spécialisation,
    "year" : year,
    "date" : date}, {type: 'text/json'}]);
db.putAttachment(q.id.toString(),'qData', q.rev.toString(), attachment, 'text/json')
.then(function (result) {
.catch(function (err) {

And view.js :

var all = db.allDocs({
}).then(function (result) {
    return result.rows
}).catch(function (err) {

But I can't get it to work, it outputs no error and the single ouput that I receive is a doc without any attachment. What is my (probably newbish) error ?


Try to add following options to your allDocs call:

  include_docs: true,
  attachments: true

Quoting the docs on those two options:

options.include_docs: Include the document itself in each row in the doc field. Otherwise by default you only get the _id and _rev properties.

options.attachments: Include attachment data as base64-encoded string.

The docs have a full example, which should return your attachments as base64 string:

  include_docs: true,
  attachments: true
}).then(function (result) {
  // handle result
}).catch(function (err) {

Note: I see your working with Blobs. Take a look at this option if you'd rather get your attachments as a Blob than a base64 string:

options.binary: Return attachment data as Blobs/Buffers, instead of as base64-encoded strings.

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