I am trying to read wordpress feed which is password protected using simplepie . No where i see this issue has been answered

I am testing url feed in simplepie demo page enter image description here

Once we click on read button , as feed is password protected it will redirect to login page and shows this errorenter image description here

I have username and password , but not sure where i can add username and password so that the feed contents are accessible to me

One common convention for this is to embed them in the URL. i.e. turn this:


into this:


Normally this would be a security issue, but if the site is https, as yours appears to be, then I think it should be okay, as your traffic is being encrypted already.

  • adding username and password to URL isn't working , it is redirecting to login page – Vishal Shetty May 26 '17 at 2:29

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