I want to use sudo to generate my txt file from a rtf file, it works when I'm using Putty, but does not when I'm using PHP script.

Here is my code :

$fichier_final = str_replace("/cron/txt/","/cron/depot_erreurs", $fichier_final);
$cmd = sprintf('unoconv -f %s -o %s %s',
    escapeshellarg($extension), escapeshellarg($fichier_final),
$resultat = NULL;
passthru($cmd, $resultat);  

I tried sudo before unoconv, but it not worked. Any ideas ? Thanks

EDIT : My file.rtf that I want to change is on 777


Your PHP script will need to be run as a root user. Obviously you shouldn't do this if this script is serving HTTP requests. But crontab is a user level service so you can add scripts to the crontab of root.

If you just need to run this in the commandline, use sudo myscript.php. PHP itself wont need to execute subcommands as root.

  • Ok thank you I'll change both my script and my crontab – DERET Pierre-Yves May 24 '17 at 12:39

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