Typically if you're converting a string of words to camel case you capitalise only the first letter of every word (bar the first word).

How does this apply to hyphenated words like re-render?

Something deep inside me wants it to be rerender or doRerender. And not reRender or doReRender, which just looks wrong to me.

Is this open to interpretation or is camel casing clear on this, and I'm just not seeing it?

  • I'm not sure I have seen hyphenated words as an alternative to camel case. But I have seen underscore separated words as an alternative, e.g. re_render for reRender. What language/tool are you using? – Tim Biegeleisen May 25 '17 at 1:28
  • reRender just looks like an accidental random capitalization in the middle of a word to me – Dan Oswalt May 25 '17 at 1:36
  • 1
    @TimBiegeleisen I figured the question was language agnostic. It pertains to converting an English word that is hyphenated into camel case. – Simon Hartcher May 25 '17 at 2:55
  • @zbnrg That is my feeling as well. Camel case is very clear when (in English) it's word1 word2 word3 but not some-word that has a hyphen. In the case of "re-render", it's not strictly a compound word either. – Simon Hartcher May 25 '17 at 2:57

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