I have been researching but can't seem to find anything on uninstalling a build agent from Teamcity. I have read that if I can stop the service there should be a 'Remove' button that appears under that agencies summary section. I have tried stopping the service through Server Manager, as well as, running the service.stop.bat under the <agent>\bin, but have had no success with the button appearing. Is there an easy way to remove the build agent from Teamcity?

Current Teamcity version: TeamCity Professional 10.0.3

  • Sounds a bit.. Wrong, but you can just uninstall the whole lot and reinstall it all, teamcity wont destroy any data to do with your teamcity setup in the uninstall process. Its a right pain that it isnt a separate install in the add remove programs list though – Chris Watts May 25 '17 at 18:56

Have you checked buildAgent/bin folder? There should be uninstall.bat file, which, I assume, should do just what you want.

  • I had to run the bat file through the command prompt, but was able to use the uninstall.bat with this command uninstall.bat <path_to_agent_folder>. This cleaned up everything related to that build agent. Thanks @grundic – developer_117 May 26 '17 at 10:58

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