I have a basic ag-grid with some simple dummy data, but it only displays when I don't import the .css files provided with the library, and even then it displays incorrectly.

Excerpted from my package.json:

"ag-grid": "10.0.1",
"ag-grid-react": "10.0.0",
"react": "15.4.2"

From my React component: constructor:

this.state = { columnDefs: [{headerName: 'Product', field: 'product'},{headerName: 'Country', field: 'country'}], rowData: [{product: 'IOL', country: 'US'}, {product: 'Suture', country: 'IN'}]}

from render():

return (
        <div id='grid'>
            {/*<div id='grid' className='ag-fresh'>*/}
                Here's the grid...

                // listen for events with React callbacks
                // onRowSelected={this.onRowSelected.bind(this)}
                // onCellClicked={this.onCellClicked.bind(this)}

                // binding to properties within React State or Props

                // column definitions and row data are immutable, the grid
                // will update when these lists change

                // or provide props the old way with no binding

If I run this code without importing any .css I get a jumbled grid like: enter image description here

Now if I import the css per the getting started guide:

import 'ag-grid-root/dist/styles/ag-grid.css'  // see webpack config for alias of 'ag-grid-root'
import 'ag-grid-root/dist/styles/theme-fresh.css'

... then no part of the grid displays (only my div before the grid). With the css imported, it doesn't matter if I have assigned a theme to the grid or not, nothing shows.

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    Did you set a height for the parent div of your AgGridReact div? – Jarod Moser May 25 '17 at 22:53
  • @Jared Moser That was it, thanks. – Byofuel May 26 '17 at 2:42

I had a similar problem with the rows of data not showing, just the pagination. Setting a fixed div height worked to make the rows display, but adding domLayout: 'autoHeight' to the gridOptions means its always the right height to display correctly.

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