I have made a app and upload to itunes connect pass the apple test and ready for sale. After a week i made an new version.So open itunes connect create a new version build my app with a new version.and upload to itunes connect .then again new version pass the apple test and ready for sale.Thats it.Then when i saw ready for sale I open my app store from my iphone check my app.But still label say "open" see i have the app on phone.i was expecting it to say "update".So what did i miss? Waiting all your help :(

  • Do you have automatic update activated? Updates can take up to 48hrs to appear on the store. – Max May 26 '17 at 10:38

As per apple documentation link

Your app version will then be live on the store pending the customary processing times usually it takes 24 hours to reflect.

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