i want to have test pages in a folder called "tests" and be able to run the pages during debug but when i publish the application it excludes those files. Im using Asp. Net 3.5, Windows Server 2008, and c# Vs 2010


You could either exclude it from the project, which isn't really ideal, or you could use a post-build event script that would remove the folder you don't want published. Alternatively, you could try adding something like this to your project file:

    <excludefrombuild Include="$(SourceWebPhysicalPath)\obj\**\*.*"/>
    <excludefrombuild Include="$(SourceWebPhysicalPath)\Properties\**\*.*"/>
    <excludefrombuild Include="$(SourceWebPhysicalPath)\**\*.csproj*"/>
    <excludefrombuild Include="$(SourceWebPhysicalPath)\**\*.resx"/>
    <excludefrombuild Include="$(SourceWebPhysicalPath)\**\*.Publish.xml"/>

Take a look here for more information on this:


  • Visual studio should add a feature for this. Eclipse has this feature. – Ashkan Nov 7 '12 at 11:28
  • I'm getting an error when trying this "The element ItemGroup in namespace 'link to msbuild 2003' has invalid child element "ExcludeFromPackageFiles". Any ideas? – Brett Weber Jun 18 '13 at 19:35

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