I am passing a php value to javascript using onclick method, so it kind of looks like this

onclick="(method('<?php echo $variable; ?>'))"

But my problem is one of my values are "Ike's" , it contains a single qoute, which breaks the code. Any way in javascript to complete consider a passed parameter as a string,not anything else? thanks

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    question should be how to escape quotes in php. The html has to be valid first – charlietfl May 28 '17 at 14:14

Your question seems to be more about PHP than Javascript, based on the code snippet you provided. Basically, you might want to escape the apostrophes with a backslash character.

onclick="(method('<?php echo $variable; ?>'))"

would then become something like this perhaps:

onclick="(method('<?php echo addslashes($variable); ?>'))"

... and please remove the parenthesis you have surrounding the onclick event, like so:

onclick="method('<?php echo addslashes($variable); ?>')"


You'll need to escape the string from PHP before passing it to Javascript. For example:

onclick="(method('<?php echo addslashes($variable); >'))"

If I understand well. I would prefer to use:

<div id="the_php_output">
<?php echo $variable; ?>

<input onclick="js_method()">
function js_method(){

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