For a Laravel project I use Travis Ci with the language option as PHP. Besides PHP I want to do some Node JS testing. The default installed version of Node JS does not meet my requirements. How can I specify the version of Node JS in my config file?

I have tried the following. But unfortunately, that does not work.

language: php

  - '7.0'
  - '7.1'

  - '6.10'

In search for an answer to the same question I ended up here, and there, and this helped me:

language: php

  - 7.0
  - 7.1

  - nvm install 6.10

  - npm install

Note: Installing this in the before_install section as I am installing the actual packages in the install section.

  • Worked a treat. Thanks! – Oli Girling Jun 13 at 11:06

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