Im starting a website for a company and adding google ads for a week i didn't see any ads today i checked it and i saw this error enter image description here

searching in the internet how to fix this i couldn't find any solution i tried fixing this in ad sense website verifying my website still no use

clicking this error shows this

enter image description here

i dont know if asking this appropriate in stacksoverflow i will remove it if not. TY


When do you get 403 Forbidden error?

403 Forbidden error occurs mostly for new AdSense users. Users whose AdSense application was initially rejected and later got approved on reapplying will get this error mostly. You would have even received an Adsense approval message just like the one below saying that ” Your account has been approved and ads will go live within few hours”.

But even after 48 hours, you may not see the ads. You will see a blank ad. If you check your website by right clicking -> Inspect -> Console , you will notice a 403 Forbidden error.

Why does this 403 Forbidden error occur?

This occurs because your application was rejected initially. So Adsense crawlers will be instructed not to deliver ads to your website. But later you have reapplied and got your account approved . But, Adsense crawlers may not be instructed about this approval. This is probably a technical error at Adsense server.

How to fix 403 Forbidden error?

  1. Check your Adsense code:

The first thing you will have to do is, check if your AdSense code is exactly same as the one created at your Adsense account. You can get the AdSense code on your page by right clicking -> view page source ( Ctrl + U) . An HTML page will open. Use find option and check if the AdSense code is same.

  1. Add your website at Adsense account:

Now go to Adsense account, Click the Gear icon -> Settings -> My sites -> Manage sites and add your website. Click the three dots icon and select authorization and check if ” Only Authorize my verified sites to use my ad code” is off.

read doc here and google forum here

  • i already read this thanks for giving more information of what is this May 30 '17 at 16:56

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