@IBAction func clickPicture(_ sender: UIButton) {

       let photoSettings = AVCapturePhotoSettings()
        photoSettings.flashMode = .auto
        photoSettings.isHighResolutionPhotoEnabled = true
        if photoSettings.availablePreviewPhotoPixelFormatTypes.count > 0 {
            photoSettings.previewPhotoFormat = [kCVPixelBufferPixelFormatTypeKey as String : photoSettings.availablePreviewPhotoPixelFormatTypes.first!]

        self.wideAngleOutPut.capturePhoto(with: photoSettings, delegate: self)

When i am calling above function to capture image app throwing exception on line: self.wideAngleOutPut.capturePhoto(with: photoSettings, delegate: self)

In log section I can see the error in more details and its like:

Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '* **-[AVCapturePhotoOutput capturePhotoWithSettings:delegate:] If you specify a non-nil format dictionary in your settings, your delegate must respond to the selector****

Can anybody help with this? Thanks in advance.

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You need to implement the following in your delegate if you set the previewPhotoFormat.

func capture(_ captureOutput: AVCapturePhotoOutput, didFinishProcessingPhotoSampleBuffer photoSampleBuffer: CMSampleBuffer?, previewPhotoSampleBuffer: CMSampleBuffer?, resolvedSettings: AVCaptureResolvedPhotoSettings, bracketSettings: AVCaptureBracketedStillImageSettings?, error: Error?)

I'm guessing this is because this is the only way to access the preview in this situation.


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