Now I have spring-boot app wich uses ms sql server. And we use flyway fr migrations.

I want to add additional profile for tests. I want generate tables from entity classes. and don't use flyway.

I tried smth to write like this in application.yaml

  profiles: test
      generate-ddl: true
    url: jdbc:h2:mem:test_db;MODE=MSSQLServer
    username: sa

but flyway starts anyway

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This answer works with Spring 1.X version. If you are looking for answer for Spring 2.X, you should see the below answer.

There is a property available for spring-boot to disable flyway if it's needed flyway.enabled which is true by default.

You can have a profile specific configuration, in your case it should be named as application-test.yml. This configuration can disable flyway if profile is active. You just have to declare it as follows:

  enabled: false

And if you specify test profile in common configuration, just add it to it's root.

  • I have profiles divided with --- – gstackoverflow May 31 '17 at 16:03

FYI, for anybody who comes here looking for this, the property name has changed for Spring Boot 2.0:

For format:


For application.yml format:

        enabled: false

Update: To disable flyway in a specific profile, you can put that property in the properties file specific to that profile. For instance, if your profile is called "abc", you can put it in Check out Spring's documentation on Profile-specific properties for more clarity on how to name the files. Generally, the format is application-{profileName}.properties.

  • this doesn't go under spring. flyway: enabled: false – Tushar J Dudhatra May 2 at 12:14
  • Sorry, I don't follow your comment. – Todd May 2 at 12:15
  • But how to apply it for concrete spring profile? – gstackoverflow Nov 9 at 13:36
  • @gstackoverflow See update, I added some commentary and a link on how to apply properties to specific profiles. – Todd Nov 9 at 13:41
  • thank you, Todd – gstackoverflow Nov 9 at 14:43

JIC the official documentation with current spring boot 2.x : Common application properties and have a look on tag # FLYWAY you will find many properties that can help you.

spring.flyway.enabled=false # Whether to enable flyway.

Here eample of application.yaml It defines 2 profiles:
1. enable_flyway_profile - enables flyway
2. disable_flyway_profile - disables flyway

    active: "enable_flyway_profile"
    enable: true


    active: "disable_flyway_profile"
    enable: false

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