I'm working on adding Dynamic Product Ads to our app. I've created a Product Catalog through the Facebook Business Manager and successfully uploaded a CSV file of our entire product catalog. I'm also in the process of setting up a daily refresh of the products.

My question is - how do I make an immediate DELETE request for a specific product? If a user deletes a product I don't want to wait a whole day for the product feed to be refreshed and risk the user seeing an ad for a deleted product. The docs make it seem like that isn't supported... but I can't believe that's the case.

Relevant from the Facebook docs:

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How about using the rules in Product Sets to exclude that product/s and then working with the Product Sets with the ads.


I got the product OFF facebook by editing the data source CSV, and under the availability column, I added discontinued. That removed it from Facebook after being imported from shopify.


Sorry for being late to the party.

I'm actually coping with this right now, and the only thing I can find in the API stating about individual products is actually when it comes to the Catalog Batch

To send item updates, use the /{catalog_id}/batch endpoint.

To create, update, or delete items in your catalog, make an HTTP POST call to: https://graph.facebook.com/<API_VERSION>/<CATALOG_ID>/batch?requests=

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