I've been using an If condition in IIB Mapping node on request's boolean attribute Flag that maps to messageA attribute in response. Assignment is done in case Flag evaluates as true.

There is another For Each which performs deep copy of a list and also assigns some value to the same variable messageA, if Flag is evaluated as false.

Below is the Mapper Logic:

ESQL Mapper

The above logic yields valid XML in case Flag is false, but in case of true it assigns the value successfully, however invalidates the response as defined in the XSD, by appending messageA attribute as the last child of response XML.

How can the second scenario be treated? Considering no custom ESQL logic in the latter nodes.

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to create tag in the specified location, when you have no valid value in mapper and you override it through ESQL and it is not created where you are expecting.

to avoid this, use mappers built in Create function.

this will reserve the space for your element, and when ever you populate its value this would be on the expected position and schema would be validated as well

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