How to change the postgresql.conf parameter "max_connections" on Google Cloud SQL?

When I exceed 100 connections I get the error: "FATAL: remaining connection slots are reserved for non-replication superuser connections"

  • You're usually better off putting a connection pooler like pgbouncer in front. Surprised they don't do that automatically. – Craig Ringer Jun 1 '17 at 4:29

Normally you would do it via CloudSQL flags API (or UI): https://cloud.google.com/sql/docs/postgres/flags

However, max_connections is not a parameter we currently support. We (Postgres team in CloudSQL) are aware that low max_connections is a problem for some (many?) applications and will address issue in one of the next releases.

Please follow issue 37271935 on our public issue tracker for updates.

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    Just ran into this issue as well. Tad dissapointing – gerasalus Jun 8 '17 at 6:54

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