here I use this code in my local host

$fromdata= $_POST["data"];
$patientid=  $fromValue->patientid;
$patientname= $fromValue->name;

its working fine... if i use


it print the following format


. the same code is used in wordpress the print_r($fromdata); return {\"patientid\":\"16\",\"name\":\"Ravindran\"} this. and unable to get value

how to get value from this object thanks

  • What do you you get when you execute print_r($_POST["data"]);? Jun 1, 2017 at 16:03

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Due to a longstanding quirk, you'll need to first use stripslashes to remove the extra slashes that WordPress adds to the request's JSON string.

The pre-stripped data looks something like this:

$json_string = '{\"patientid\":\"16\",\"name\":\"Ravindran\"}';

So to convert it, you'll need to do something like this:

$object = json_decode(stripslashes($json_string));

Or if you instead want an associative array:

$array = json_decode(stripslashes($json_string), true);

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