I'm trying to route from one StackNavigator to another, both of which are inside a TabNavigator. I'm currently able to get there by simply doing:


But I also want to reset that tab when I go to it. Here is how my app navigators are generally set up:

- Main (StackNavigator)
  - LoginScreen
  - MainTabs (TabNavigator)
    - Tab1 (StackNavigator)
      - Screen1
      - Screen2
    - Tab2 (StackNavigator)
      - Screen3
      - Screen4

How could I navigate to Screen3 but also reset the StackNavigator Tab2?

I've also tried doing this, to no avail:

let resetAction = NavigationActions.reset({
  index: 0,
  key: 'Tab2',
  actions: [
    NavigationActions.navigate({ routeName: 'Screen3' })

  • I can confirm that this does not work in the latest version. – TIMEX Oct 6 at 18:41
  • @TIMEX, please upload a reproduction repository of your issue on Gitlab or Github. I have some experience in React Native and React Navigation. I can help you. -- reproduction repository: a minimized version of your project that has the issue. – AmerllicA Oct 6 at 20:06
  • How could I navigate to Screen3 but also reset the StackNavigator Tab2? Do you want this to happen when you click on Tab2? – Kranthi Oct 10 at 5:13

You'll have to dispatch two navigation actions, one to reset the stack of the current tab and another to navigate to the next screen:

let resetAction = NavigationActions.reset({
  index: 0,
  actions: [
    NavigationActions.navigate({ routeName: 'Screen1' })


Here is a snack

  • won't that reset the first tab instead of the tab you're navigating to? – Asaf David Oct 14 at 19:58

You can use the advanced action of the navigate api combined with the Navigator dependant functions without using any additional action or navigation call.

Here is an example

navigateWithReset = (routeName) => {
    const navigateAction = NavigationActions.navigate({
      action: this.props.navigation.popToTop(),

The working snack link can be found here.

First you will have to navigate to the Tab and then reset to the screen you want

let resetAction = StackActions.reset({
  index: 0,
  actions: [
        routeName: 'Screen3',
        params: {},
        key: Math.random() + 'Screen3'

It is based on your stack architecture, however, you should navigate after your resetAction dispatching.

After resetAction dispatching use below code:


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