I am looking for a MSBuild task that will tell me the version of a specific dll. Is there a task available for this?

In my case the dll is a .Net assembly, so I'm actually looking for Assembly.FullName.


GetAssemblyIdentity is your man. This task outputs contain item metadata entries named Version, PublicKeyToken, and Culture.

    <MyAssemblies Include="File1.dll;File2.dll" />

<Target Name="RetrieveIdentities>

Thanks madgnome! I thought I would share the working code.

<Target Name="UpdateWebConfigVersion">
    <GetAssemblyIdentity AssemblyFiles="lib\foo.dll">
        <Output TaskParameter="Assemblies" ItemName="fooAssemblyInfo"/>
    <XmlUpdate XmlFileName="src\Web\ServiceModel.Extensions.config"
            Value="foo.ServiceModel.Extensions.Behaviors.SilverlightFaultBehavior, foo, Version=%(fooAssemblyInfo.Version), Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=XXXXXXXX"/>
  • I make zip files in my build script, this helped me put the version number in the filename!!! Thanks! – quip Oct 29 '10 at 20:53
  • 1
    the working code example really help - a big time saver. Thanks! – Joseph Gabriel Jan 2 '13 at 16:36

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