I've enabled the default "log" snippet in VS Code. I also added another snippet. Neither show up when I type their prefixes. I have set editor.tabCompletion to true.

Any idea why these don't work?

  • Have you carefully followed these steps? code.visualstudio.com/docs/editor/userdefinedsnippets Do they show up in Insert Snippet in the Command Palette?
    – Andrew
    Jun 2 '17 at 5:01
  • No - they do not show in the Command Palette.
    – 4thSpace
    Jun 2 '17 at 14:28
  • I've successfully added the log snippet as well. But I have to hit tab twice. The first clears the pop up panel, the second adds the snippet.
    – Mark
    Jun 3 '17 at 2:04
  • When I tab, it creates starting and ending HTML tags for whatever I was typing. It never recognizes my code snippets in a popup.
    – 4thSpace
    Jun 3 '17 at 14:23
  • Wait, are you referring to the example log snippet which expands to console.log(""); ? That only works when editing a javascript file and the snippet is saved in javascript.json. Or are you referring to some other "log" snippet? It sounds like you are trying to use it in an html file and that won't work. (unless possibly you create the snippet in an html.json file?)
    – Mark
    Jun 3 '17 at 17:40

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There are a couple of ways you can fix this problem. The problem is Intellisense is getting in the way or default putting your snippets at the bottom of the list.

First I played with the suggestion delay, but then I settled on having Intellisense put my snippets in the top of the list of suggestions with the snippetSuggestions user preference:

  "editor.tabCompletion": true,
  "editor.snippetSuggestions": "top"
  • 1
    this fix my problem in Elixir.
    – Chris.Zou
    Jan 27 '18 at 5:58
  • 2
    I had to enable other in editor.quickSuggestions too. I think I had disabled it because there was so much spam from some libraries I didn't care about. Aug 25 '18 at 17:59
  • 3
    THANK YOU!! I switched from Atom, where my snippets always worked perfectly (could always use them, even if intellisense failed to show up). In VSC, I had issues both with intellisense not always showing up (and not being able to use my snippets when it didn't), and with my snippets not being at the top. This was a sanity saver. Thank you! Jul 30 '20 at 13:28

Sometimes the obvious that gets overlooked first. Upon starting VSCode and creating a new document (Ctrl + N) it may come as a surprise that the snippets do not work. Check in the bottom right hand corner of the VSCode editor as per default a 'Plain Text' file is presented. Change the file type to your favourite language with snippets.

This may overcome some unnecessary trouble shooting ;-)

  • 4
    This is exactly why my HTML emmet snippets were not working. All my user settings.json were totally fine, but my VSCode editor prejudged it as Django HTML instead. Switching it to HTML, what i needed brought the snippet functionality back. Dec 13 '18 at 19:52
  • This helped me. i was editing a html file but down the bottom right corner it identified an html file as a "Go HTML template" file for which the regular html snippets didnt work. Worth noting above- change the file type by clicking on the "Go HTML template" text (or whatever yours is) down the bottom right hand corner
    – Dave Pile
    Jul 11 '19 at 12:28
  • helped me in associating YAML with ansible. And now the user snippets work. Thanks!
    – Curious101
    Apr 24 '20 at 6:53
  • @ImtiazRaqib, I know this is an old comment, but I just had the same issue as you. Instead of switching to HTML, you can add "django-html" to the scope of the snippet, "scope": "javascript,html,django-html". In this way you can continue to use your Django extension.
    – Paulo
    Jan 26 at 11:23

If you are trying to insert PHP snippets, its worth noting the you must manually include the


before the snippets will start to work.

  • 2
    THIS. Even though the document may be set to PHP, those snippets that are assigned to PHP only work when the prefix is entered within </php ... ?> tags. Kinda dumb TBH.
    – Sandwich
    Oct 8 '18 at 15:49
  • 1
    BRB ehm ehm I wanted to add a snippet that sets the opening <?php tag, in such a way to just type ph and got hinted for it. Though it doesn't work , used this stackoverflow.com/a/55220696/3446280 , I create a new PHP file and type ph or either php but it is wrong since the begin because the label is "abc" and not the square icon. The solution has been to create the snippet inside a "New global snippet file..."
    – Robert
    Aug 14 at 9:30

For react with typescript, I had to specifically add 'typescriptreact' to the scope.

 "scope": "javascript, typescript, typescriptreact"
  • That was it! tsx files are not recognized by "typescript" in the scope!
    – Sharcoux
    Jan 29 at 22:45
  • 1
    For jsx and tsx files, this trick solved the issue. None of the others worked for me.
    – simsek
    May 1 at 4:07
  • I had the same issue. Even in my plain JavaScript test files, which is where I was trying to use my new snippet, VS Code had the language as javascriptreact instead of javascript in the bottom right. I had to move it to a global snippet with the scope as answered, although I had to add javascriptreact instead as I'm not using TypeScript. Jul 2 at 13:08
  • This worked for me but it seems that the scope property is valid only in the global snippets file. When attempting to set "scope": "javascript, javascriptreact" inside javascriptreact.json (because my snippet was not applying for files with a .js extension) VSCode would warn that "Property scope is not allowed".
    – tomhughes
    Aug 4 at 9:17

What I actually found is that when you have a php intelliSense and you want a php tab tag to open and close, I added the extension to a html file type as well.

      "Open php tag": {
         "scope": "php, html",
         "prefix": "php",
         "body": [
             "  $1",
        "description": "Opens php tags"

This worked for me :)

  • super Magic stuff! Jan 21 '20 at 13:26
  • Note that this requires creating a global snippet - for obvious reasons you'll get an error when you specify extra scopes (languages) in a language-specific file. Jan 18 at 23:31
  1. Open a common html file.
  2. look at the bottom right where the plugin is in use (example: Django HTML) and click on it
  3. A window will open at the top of vscode
  4. Click on "Configure file Association for.'html '..."
  5. Search for "HTML" (need this in active caps lock)
  6. Select the first option

    https://i.stack.imgur.com/E5FyH.png https://i.stack.imgur.com/VhJ7n.png


In my case it was not working because I had a space in the name of the snippet

  "snippet name": { // it should be snippet_name. Notice the _

So make sure that:

  1. You have a {name}.code-snippets file under .vscode folder
  2. The name of your snippet does not contain spaces
  3. You include your language in the scope. I had to add both typescript and typescriptreact.
  • 1
    I could not expect that "typescript" is not enough in React TypeScript project. So, adding "typescriptreact" put the end of my frustration about VSC snippets. Thanks!
    – Seemax
    May 6 '20 at 8:02
  • It works in my case. I had the name: "Print to console": .... I replaced by "Print_to_console": and It works!!! Thanks!
    – JotaPardo
    Apr 22 at 14:20

The extension matters when selecting scope. I had recently switched from react using .js extension to react with typescript using .tsx extension. My snippet said "javascript, typescript" so I thought I was covered, but tsx files are actually considered "typescriptreact". I changed to the following and it started working on my tsx files:

    "Styled Component React Arrow Function With Default Export": {
    "scope": "javascript, javascriptreact, typescript, typescriptreact",
    "prefix": "scraf",
    "body": [
        "import React from 'react'",
        "import styled from 'styled-components/macro'",
        "const Container = styled.div`",
        "  display: flex;",
        "const ${TM_FILENAME_BASE} = () => {",
        "  return (",
        "    <Container>",
        "     $1",
        "    </Container>",
        "  )",
        "export default ${TM_FILENAME_BASE}",
    "description": "Styled Component React Arrow Function With Default Export"

For those who are looking for overriding default snippet (log)

Overriding the log.json file snippet was not working for me in User Snippets (For Typescript at least).

Solution: I created a new global snippet ( File > Preferences > User Snippets > New Global Snippets file ) with a different name 'clog' (full name: 'clog.code-snippets') and prefix and it worked.


I was experiencing this issue too when I created my first snippet. I added the snippet, and nothing happened.

Restarted VS Code and they started working.


Simply Restart VScode. That should be fine.


My problem was that some snippets worked, and others dont. (like: JavaScript Snippets worked well)

My issue solved when i installed a plugin that added the respective, specific filetype association (im my case: *.blade.php)

When creating UserSnippets at blade.json it worked fine.

  1. Check your file extension and look if there's a plug-in suited for your file type.
  2. Install and try adding the snippet again.

Don't forget to specify the language in global snippet. In my case it fixed.

  "Print to console": {
        "scope": "javascript,vuex,vue",
        "prefix": "debes",
        "body": [
            "// eslint-disable-next-line",
        "description": "Log output to console"

Changing "editor.tabCompletion": true to "editor.tabCompletion":"on" worked for me.


I was trying to setup a snippet to auto add the php open and close tags into my file, as Robert Cooper noted it only worked when I was already writing inside the code specific type block.

So I set !p to load <?php$1?> whenever I use it inside an HTML block. The snippet was set into the html.json file.


In case anyone else has this issue, I was working with react native and my JavaScript snippets weren't working. I checked settings.json by going to settings, searched for quick suggestions, and then edit in settings.json.

  "files.associations": {
    "*.js": "javascriptreact" // This needed changed to "javascript".

Otherwise, you can create the snippets for javascriptreact.


Install CodeLLDB platform package from vscode extension market. It should be fix your problem


For anyone else facing this, be sure to also check the scope defined within the snippet. Snippets weren't showing up for me although the file type matches, and removing the languages from the scoped solved the issue for me.


I had to:

  1. Go to settings (Windows/Linux: File > Preferences > Settings, macOS: Code > Preferences > Settings) and type in quick in search box and click Edit in settings.json: enter image description here

  2. Add

"editor.quickSuggestions": true

under the section with corresponding file type (markdown in my case):


The cause of this issue is that another language is active in VS Code. Check the lower left hand corner of VS Code to change the language to the desired one. Screenshots below. enter image description here

Click on C++ then an input box will appear at the top. Type in the appropriate language, for example HTML and the issue will resolve.

enter image description here


Visual Studio Code How to add the <?php opening tag snippet

Just for the sake of preventing some headache to those who wants to add the handy <?php opening tag snippet

If you follow the instructions on https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/editor/userdefinedsnippets you'll got misled since you are hinted to find the wanted language in File>Preferences>User Snippets

so you type PHP and you'll edit php.json

... but this won't work, because the mechanism works ONLY AFTER the VSCode editor knows this is a PHP file and the filter at bottom right corner looks will not consider itself until you don't add a <?php at the begin of the file

no way

despite filename extension

despite you even manually set the "Select language mode" to PHP (though with PHP extension in the filename, this will be already set to PHP mode)

The unique solution I have found is to add the snippet to a "New global snippet file..."

you will find this option as first as soon you browse to File>Preferences>User Snippets

This solution is obvious ... but only after that you guess it :-) since you add this global,

in fact the snippet in global, as it suggests, will work "globally, in any type of file type

enter image description here


My best strategy is to save my snippets as "Global Snippets" ( .code-snippets" format) whenever I am working on a big project and that way I never have any problem at all.. they always show up.. your global snippets are located on the same file with your ".json" snippets..

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