I have Xcode Version 8.3.2 (8E2002). I want to update provisioning profiles. Say, I want to add some devices. I used to building archive manually with fastlane. How could I check will all new devices run new archive successfully?


To check what provisioning profiles have been downloaded, you can go to the provisioning profile directory on your Mac (~/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles) In there will be the downloaded profiles. You can open the .mobileprovision files in TextEdit and find the <key>ProvisionedDevices</key> entry. There you will find the list of UDIDs for the devices that are in the provisioning profile.

To update your provisioning profiles, you should be able to go to Xcode->Preferences->Accounts->View Details and click the "Download All Profiles" button.

If you are having problems with the automatic profile management in Xcode, you can always do it manually.

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