We want to get Data from Multiple online POS systems and save all data into our custom POS, what will be the best approach for saving data, Should we merge data into single database or maintain separate databases for each POS in our custom POS.


As usual - it all depends.

If each POS system has a different schema, you're much better off maintaining separate schemas. If the schemas are consistent (including over time - is it possible an upgrade will modify the schema in the future?), that constraint goes away.

If you're planning to have a replication scheme - especially two-way, where you are sending data from the "field" to the "centre" and vice versa - you will probably find it easier with your database engine's built-in replication scheme if you have separate databases.


If you intend to run queries across all the POS systems, doing so in a single database is much easier.

If you intend to make database schema changes after importing the data (e.g. for reporting purposes), doing so in a single database is much easier.

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