I've been following the TensorFlow for Poets 2 codelab on a model I've trained, and have created a frozen, quantized graph with embedded weights. It's captured in a single file - say my_quant_graph.pb.

Since I can use that graph for inference with the TensorFlow Android inference library just fine, I thought I could do the same with Cloud ML Engine, but it seems it only works on a SavedModel model.

How can I simply convert a frozen/quantized graph in a single pb file to use on ML engine?


It turns out that a SavedModel provides some extra info around a saved graph. Assuming a frozen graph doesn't need assets, then it needs only a serving signature specified.

Here's the python code I ran to convert my graph to a format that Cloud ML engine accepted. Note I only have a single pair of input/output tensors.

import tensorflow as tf
from tensorflow.python.saved_model import signature_constants
from tensorflow.python.saved_model import tag_constants

export_dir = './saved'
graph_pb = 'my_quant_graph.pb'

builder = tf.saved_model.builder.SavedModelBuilder(export_dir)

with tf.gfile.GFile(graph_pb, "rb") as f:
    graph_def = tf.GraphDef()

sigs = {}

with tf.Session(graph=tf.Graph()) as sess:
    # name="" is important to ensure we don't get spurious prefixing
    tf.import_graph_def(graph_def, name="")
    g = tf.get_default_graph()
    inp = g.get_tensor_by_name("real_A_and_B_images:0")
    out = g.get_tensor_by_name("generator/Tanh:0")

    sigs[signature_constants.DEFAULT_SERVING_SIGNATURE_DEF_KEY] = \
            {"in": inp}, {"out": out})


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  • I'm trying to do this, but someone gave me the checkpoint directory without the code. It seems like I need the names of the input and output nodes. Is there a way to get the input and output nodes from the info in the checkpoint directory? – blueether Jul 14 '17 at 7:19
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    yep use the inspect checkpoint tool: github.com/tensorflow/tensorflow/blob/master/tensorflow/python/… – Mark McDonald Jul 14 '17 at 7:21
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    Thanks for the quick reply. When I ran it I got: python inspect_checkpoint.py --file_name=checkpoint 2017-07-14 07:38:02.585722: W tensorflow/core/util/tensor_slice_reader.cc:95] Could not open ./checkpoint: Data loss: not an sstable (bad magic number): perhaps your file is in a different file format and you need to use a different restore operator? Unable to open table file ./checkpoint: Data loss: not an sstable (bad magic number): perhaps your file is in a different file format and you need to use a different restore operator? – blueether Jul 14 '17 at 7:39
  • I tried out your code ! but the variables folder is empty. I'm using tensorflow hub to retrain an image classifier following this is the variables folder supposed to be empty ? (in some cases) – user 007 Feb 28 '19 at 16:24
  • @blueether - If the checkpoint tool isn't working, you can try loading the model in TensorBoard and inspecting it visually. Alternatively the checkpoint should have a .pbtxt file that contains the description of the model graph, you can either inspect it by hand or use tensorboard's graph viz element. I did the latter in this repo, you'll just need to replace the existing pbtxt file with yours. – Mark McDonald Mar 15 '19 at 2:10

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