I have my app, and I want it to exit once I switch to something else. example: when I'm in my app and press the home button, the app should exit, and disappear from the background running apps window. how would I do this? maybe in onDestroy?

  • This happens for the mobile banking Apps. Isnt it? – A user Jun 2 '17 at 14:31

Looks like a duplicate of How to quit android application programmatically. You can try use Activity.onPause method for your purpose, but check some tricky workflows like switching phone off etc.

  • still a problem there: when i start the application, it instantly calls onPause – Ian Rehwinkel Jun 2 '17 at 15:00

Finish the App onPause then the app will not be run in the background.

    public void onPause() {
        isForeground = false;

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