Let's say that there is a solution that contains two projects (Project1 and Project2).

Project1 is set as a StartUp Project (its name is displayed in a bold font). I double-click some file in Project2 to open it. The file opens, but something else happens too - Project2 gets set as a StartUp Project.

I tried to find an option in configuration to change it, but I found none.

Can this feature (though it's more like a bug to me) be disabled?


The way to select a startup project is described in Sara Ford's blog "Visual Studio Tip of the Day" (highly recommended). She has a post there about setting up StartUp projects. Essentially there are 2 ways, the easiest one being right-clicking on the desired project, and choosing "Set As StartUp Project". That prevents other projects from becoming the StartUp project, even if you click on one their files.

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Check your Visual Studio options for the following check box:
Projects and Solutions - Build and Run - For new solutions use the currently selected project as the startup project.

Uncheck that and see if the behavior changes.

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    The accepted answer doesn't work if you don't uncheck this! I haven't followed the blogs and maybe they talk to about it but this option did the trick for me! – Mrchief Jan 27 '12 at 20:53
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    Agreed. The accepted answer states the obvious. It is this option that was causing trouble to me too. – Michael Moreno Sep 23 '13 at 8:40

I ran into a bug where the project in bold would not be the startup project despite it being selected in the solution properties as the "single startup project".

One work around for this bug was un-checking deploy, from the Configuration Manager, for the non-bold project that was being incorrectly used as the startup project. The configuration manager is found by right clicking the solution in the Solution Explorer.

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